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Griff X - “Harbin”

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The DEA’s Marijuana Mistake

A pro-marijuana group lost its legal battle this week when a federal appellate court ruled that marijuana would remain a Schedule I drug, defined as having no accepted medical value and a high potential for abuse. The court deferred to the judgment of federal authorities, quoting the DEA’s statement that ‘the effectiveness of a drug must be established in well-controlled, well-designed, well-conducted and well-documented scientific studies…. To date, such studies have not been performed.’”

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Does a Catch-22 Keep Marijuana Labeled a Dangerous Drug?


Proponents of medical and recreational marijuana say that the restrictions make it hard for researchers to perform the types of studies that would convince the DEA to move the drug into a less serious category. Tamar Todd, senior staff attorney for the Drug Policy Alliance, spoke to The Daily Chronic, a pro-cannabis website, about the hurdles:

'We're stuck in a Catch-22 – the DEA is saying that marijuana needs FDA approval to be removed from Schedule I, but at the same time they are obstructing that very research,” she said. “While there is a plethora of scientific evidence establishing marijuana's safety and efficacy, the specific clinical trials necessary to gain FDA approval have long been obstructed by the federal government itself.'”

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'Stoner Mice' Eat Marijuana Evidence At Kansas Police Storage Facility



"The rodents apparently nested in the pot and ate some of it. ‘We’ve got some mice that are stoners,’ Police Lt. Doug Nolte said on Thursday. The animals were probably attracted to the scent, he added."

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